20th birthday

Best Care Ambulance Service celebrates its 20th birthday in 2020. Our #2020Celbrations is all about giving back. We recognize that hard work, dedication and honest business relations got us to where we are today, but none of this would’ve been possible without the blessings and grace from our Lord and Saviour.

Giving Back to the local schools and children

Best Care celebrates it 20th Birthday at local schools within our community by providing entertainment with the official #BestCareMascot and the paramedics. We are also hosting the #BestCareSchools project where a child could win R20 000 in cash for his/her school.

Giving Back to the old age homes

Best Care is a primary service provider for many old age homes and have delivered emergency care to various old age homes over the past 20 Years. Best Care is celebrating its 20th Birthday at nine different old age homes by entertaining the residents of the old age homes with a Sunday music show presenting Johan De Klerk (Singer) every month.

Giving Back to the hospital staff

Best Care recognizes the relationships we’ve built over the years with the receiving facilities of our patients. In August, Best Care will deliver cupcakes and treat to all our local hospital casualties to celebrate our 20th Birthday with our family.

Giving back to the community

Best Care sponsored an ambulance to initiate a new Non-Profit Company, Mercy-Care Emergency Medical Service, to provide free medical support to those patients without medical aid. Best Care is celebrating its 20th Birthday by providing and sustaining a much needed service within our community.

Best Care

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