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Best Care launched an identification product in 2013 that can possibly save your life in an emergency situation. When you are in an accident or any other emergency situation, who will speak for you, when you are not able to speak? With our 24/7 medical identification wristband on your arm, you will never have to fear a lack of information to a paramedic. Information such as allergies, medical history, medical scheme status and your next of kin contact information will be available in the form of identification bracelet.

This information can make a huge different in your treatment in any emergency. We have a variety of products available. Visit Best Careline Identity for more information.

You are more than welcome to contact us for further information; this product also entitles you to use our Activation Service where we will assist you in the event of an emergency or accident, by activating the necessary emergency services e.g. Fire Brigade, Police, Ambulance, Funeral Parlour or Clean-up services

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